Our Expertise

For those whom location is everything, but want to have a home designed and crafted just for them we offer the expertise to make this dream a reality. Having a team of experts in the whole picture expedites and avoids costly misteps that can derail this dream.
Strategy & Organization
Property search

We start with a consultation to discuss with you your location goals as well as home and budget expectations. This first consultation is free and allows you to get an idea if your goals can be met or if there might be other options not readily known.

Construction Planning

Once the plans have been approved by the client Nathan begins the planning and costing process. A  custom build contract is executed at this time contingent upon buyer approval of final costs and specifications. Clients are consulted to insure allowance budgets meet their expectations for fixtures and finishes. At the same time the plans are sent to the respective engineers for county approval and special structural designs. All homes and counties are different and there will be engineering or survey costs that are discussed with the clients as part of the property search.

Whether you chose to work with one of our preferred real estate agents or you wish us to work with an agent of your choice we begin a targeted property search. At this time we require a $5,000.00 retainer to commence. This retainer is refunded towards the downpayment of the construction contract. As properties are identified the team will assess  to check suitibility in regards to natural as well as munincipal issues and or limitations.

It is important to act promptly as often times these properties can move quickly so diligence is required.

Construction Permitting

Once all plans, engineering and surveys are complete the package is submitted to the respective munincipal building dept. All jurisdictions are different and vary greatly in time of process varying from two weeks to six months.

Once the target property has been put under contract and all contingencies removed, a plan development contract is executed that allows Jim to begin work crafting conceptual drawings that meet the clients design criteria as well as conforming with the best uses of the property. The team is in contact with each other during this phase to insure a success from a site, budget and market standpoint.


Once all permits are obtained construction begins. Clients will be given a schedule of selections and contruction calendar. It is important for clients to keep up with the selection schedule to insure a timely build. Regular site meetings and updates as well as a virtual calendar keep clients in the loop.